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We provide services to a range of commercial businesses in and around the Annapolis area.

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Shops & Stores

Having provided services to the residential market in the area for so long, it was inevitable we would begin providing services in the commercial space. We provide a range of services these days to contractors, stores and shops, government contracts, and other projects. Though we like working with individuals we have found our commercial work and the relationships we have forged to be a wonderful addition to what we do at Chesapeake.

We have now provided services to shop owners and store fronts across the area, including the Annapolis Mall, downtown restaurants and shops, warehouses, and a number of other local businesses.

Why choose Chesapeake for your next commercial job?

  • Years of history and experience, many referrals available
  • Team filled with experts in their respective skill fields (drywall, painting, wallpaper, etc)
  • An understanding of how commercial projects work, the bid process, etc.
  • A sincere interest in working with the local business community to provide peace of mind that we will enhance your environment.

A sampling of our commercial work

lego shops
before and after
shop work
shop paint
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